Pet Photography Commissions

Planning the Shoot

The most stunning images are partly down to good planning, so as soon as you make your booking we'll have a chat in preparation for the big day!

You need to think about what kind of images you want to get out of the experience - discussing this in advance is important to maximise the time we have on the day.

I'll ask you to tell me about your pet. Whilst It makes life a little easier if your pet is able to sit and stay on command, the reality is we sometimes need to tempt them to keep their attention, so let me know what works - favourite treats, squeaky toys, a tennis ball, or a Frisbee?

Please don't worry if your pet struggles with commands - we'll work together to get the best out of the shoot.

We'll agree a date, time and location for the shoot. You might have a location in mind, perhaps a favourite walk? If not we'll share ideas – the most important thing is that your pet feels comfortable, is safe, and everyone has a lot of fun! I usually prefer to come to you and take the photographs at a location that both you and your pet know and are familiar with. But if you prefer I can easily arrange a studio shoot.

The Big Day!

We'll meet at the agreed location and I'll take some time to get to know your pet. It's important they feel comfortable with me and my equipment. I use long lenses so don't need to be very close.

Don't forget to bring their favourite treats, ball, or toy.

The photo shoot will take between one hour to one and a half hours and in this time I will take several hundred photos. I take so many because we are looking for those special shots that particularly fill the brief. We'll start with some portraits as your pet will still be clean, groomed and happy and then move to some action shots, plus some of you with your pet, if you'd like that.

My aim will be to provide a fun experience for you and your pet, as I think that this positive energy will really shine through in the photographs.

After the Photo Shoot

After the shoot I start reviewing and post processing the hundreds of photos taken. This will include lead removal if required and where possible

I'll share a couple of water-marked photos with you right away so that you get a glimpse of what is to come. You'll be able to share these on social media if you wish, as I understand that a photo shoot is a special experience, and your friends and family might be eager to see how it has all gone.

It will take up to a week to finalise editing your short-list of around 50 images which will be supplied to you in both colour and monochrome (black & white) and these will be supplied on either DVD or USB.

You can also order select fine art prints, framed wall art, canvas wraps or photo albums. Your products will be finished by an award-winning, industry-leading professional printing lab.

Non-Doggy Models

Reading this and thinking "but I have a Horse, or a Rabbit, or a Rat, or a Snake, or a Gerbil or anything other than a dog"? I can't apologise for being mad about woofers - but can confirm that all animals and pets can be catered for! We would just make some tweaks to the photo shoot based on you and your pet's requirements.


A shoot session costs £50 plus reasonable travelling expenses if the shoot is held out-with West Lothian.

For production of wall art, prints or canvasses, I only use leading edge professional printers where images are reproduced to the highest standards.

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